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Pyrite from Peru
Aura Boutique Montreal

Pyrite from Peru

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Colour Metallic gold
Born in Peru, Spain, China
Chakra Solar Plexus
Care May be too intense for bedrooms
Water Cleansing NO
MAGIC A crystal of supercharged creativity and Get-It-Done productivity, golden Pyrite is a powerhouse of confidence, action and abundance. A solar plexus crystal, Pyrite lights a fire (pyr = 'fire' in Greek) in your belly to help burn through procrastination and self-doubt, giving you the courage to share your gifts with the world.
NOTES Pyrite dulls and rusts when exposed to moisture, so don't leave it outside overnight after moon rituals.

This Pyrite measures approximately 4 cm x 3 cm.

Each specimen is unique. Product may not be exactly as shown in photo; picture is a typical example.

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